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Donovan@Dawn: 6AM – 10AM

Jackie Donovan:

dsc_6176In 1978, Gene Simmons told me I was the only woman he would ever be with…..then I found out there were a couple of other women in his life. That revelation made me question everything….including the existence of the Tooth Fairy and Unicorns. Then it dawned on me….he was just playing hard to get. I was resourceful….I gave up a great job on Wall Street and accompanied Kiss all across America on their tour. When the band and I arrived in Tulsa, OK, there was a welcoming committee, they must celebrate Halloween in June there because they were all in costumes. Clearly the Oklahoma people have zero imagination because they were all dressed as cops….geez….not even a clown in the group. Apparently the word “accompany” and “stalking” are interchangeable in the Great Plains – who knew? So they took me to a very nice place to stay and “rest” for a while. Once my lease was up at the Lost Your Mind Inn (they called it “conditional release”, that must be another Oklahoma term), I had to relocate. Moving was tough because I still had this pesky restraining order thing that apparently means that I must keep 100 miles between Gene and I, clearly he still has feelings for me and it makes him uncomfortable. Join me weekday mornings with Donovan @ Dawn… As long as I can keep a balance between the music and the meds, we’ll have a good time….you, me and all the voices in my head.