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WARNING: Watch out for this COVID Scam

The Warren County Department of Health is warning residents of a new scam popping up trying to lift credit card numbers and personal information from unsuspecting people, claiming that they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

The warning comes after receiving information from a Queensbury resident who received a phone call saying that they may have been exposed to coronavirus and would need to be tested within 72 hours.   It also offered a test kit to be mailed to them for a $50 fee paid by credit or debit card given over the phone.

That resident did not offer said information, and consulted Warren County about the matter.

The Warren County Health Services is reminding local residents that if you are exposed to someone who contracted COVID-19, you would be notified by a Warren County Department of Public Health staff member, who would then explain quarantine practices and testing options that includes a visit to a medical practice of municipally operated clinic, and that there are no legitimate testing being offered over the phone at this time.

They also remind not to give out your personal information or your credit card numbers to someone you do not know.  They also want residents to know that if you have any questions about COVID-19 testing or possible exposure, give the Warren County Health Services a call at 518-761-6580.

And if you receive a phone call like the one the Queensbury resident received offering testing services if you give your personal or credit card information over the phone, contact your local authorities.

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