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Traveling to Vermont? Quarantine in effect for NY residents. (UPDATE 10/20)

If you’re planning on heading to Vermont, you better check the map to make sure you are able to cross the border without needing to quarantining yourself for leisure travel.

The map released by the Vermont Department of Health for the week of October 20th has placed Warren, Clinton and Rensselaer Counties in the yellow, subjecting travelers to and from these counties to a self-imposed quarantine as COVID-19 cases have rose to a rate of 400-799 cases per million residents.

That places those counties in the yellow, and Saratoga County and Essex Counties, are marked red for having 800 or more cases per million residents.

This makes Washington County, which was yellow on the October 13th map, eligible again for cross-state travel for the next week as the county is in the green for having less than 400 cases per million residents.

The restrictions on travel requires those who travel to the state for leisure reasons to quarantine for 14 days by staying at home or dwelling.  The restriction does not prohibit New York residents from traveling into Vermont for essential reasons, including grocery shopping, school or work reasons.

The Vermont Department of Health compiles a map that shows what counties have travel restrictions, and updates it every Tuesday.  It can be found at

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