On June 20th, 1975 Steven Spielberg's second film, "Jaws" was released and it changed movie & 4th of July history!

The film was not destined to be blockbuster as it was overbudget, technical issues and Spielberg's uncertainties, etc. Well, as we know the film became not only one of the biggest box office champions of all time and a HUGE cultural phenomenon that had included: three sequels, countless merchandise, theme park rides, etc. It's a film that appeals to pretty much any type of audience and it has become a staple of 4th of July traditions. Some theatres in the Capital Region will be screening it this month actually!

I've seen this film so many times and I never tire of it. It's a timeless film and the ultimate "You must confront your fears" movie of all time! 

We discussed this film in it's entirety and you can listen to it by clicking here!  

Photo by MING on Unsplash

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