Good News Roundup - 5/11

Scientists have found a way to grow micro-diamonds from scratch in just 15 minutes! These could allow the diamond industry to create pretty much unlimited numbers of diamonds without needing high temperatures or pressure, and could make diamonds cheap to buy! Read more here

Developers in India have created a portable airdrop hospital that can be used for Natural Disasters! It can treat up to 200 people at the same time and features medical equipment, AI and data analytics to help make things as efficient as possible. The hospital can be operational within 12 minutes of landing! Read more here

Scientists in Canada have developed a reusable sponge-like material that can soak up spilled oil out of water or repel it. This can be used to quickly clean up oil spills in the ocean without harming anything in the ocean, and can prevent the oil from reaching the shoreline. Read more here

Miguel Á. Padriñán / Pexels

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