Q 101.7's Chris O'Neil loves cinema and has a fun & exciting recommendation this weekend if you're relaxing at home!

I've always enjoyed martial arts films! In the past five years, that enjoyment has "kicked" into overdrive! I've been consuming and collecting martial arts cinema from The Shaw Brothers studio consistently for the past five years now and one major standout has been the amazing "The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter"! 

"The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter" was released in February 40 years ago and still remains vastly underseen by action fans! Directed by one of the most famous Shaw Brothers filmmakers, Lau Kar-Leung with the dynamic Gordon Liu ("Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2) and the late, great Alexander Fu (In his final role). This film has the typical Shaw Brothers formula of dynasty families and betrayals mixed with some of the finest martial arts action ever put to film!

 Gordon Liu proves that he's just as charismatic, dynamic (and can be just as fast) as Bruce Lee! Any doubts, just watch the final action sequence filled with jaw dropping back flips, jumps and other amazing stunts that would make Jackie Chan jealous! You may recognize Gordon Liu from Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films. He plays two key characters in those film. Here you can see where Tarantino borrowed some sound effects and why he was a fan of Gordon Liu!

We recorded a podcast honoring this film's 40th anniversary! Listen to it here!

Photo by MING on Unsplash

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