Remember Caldor? YouTube video details their history.

If you're a child of the 1990's, 1980's, or even before that, you may remember those days being loaded into the car and heading to the mall.

One of those stops at the mall possibly included a stop at Caldor.

Caldor was a department store originally founded in Port Chester in downstate New York and featured locations all throughout the Northeast, including locally in Glens Falls at the Aviation Mall as well as the Clifton Country Mall in Clifton Park, Latham Circle Mall in Latham and the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland. 

The stores did well for a bit, but the 1990's brought trouble to the chain, and the chain would not survive the decade.

Though the stores may be gone, the memories remain, thanks to the internet.

One of those being the content creator BrightSunFilms. Created and produced by Jake Williams, the Canadian videographer and editor has documented companies that have come and gone through his Abandoned series, including Ames, Bradlees, Radio Shack and others.  He also did an episode detailing Caldor that went live back on March 24th, 2023.

What makes this one more unique to those of us in the Glens Falls are two points in the video where the Caldor that once anchored the Southern wing of the Aviation Mall is shown through a newspaper article (around 5 minutes in) and again in color photo (around 6 minutes in).   

And that, to me, brings back memories.

Memories of the days where my parents would put me in the car, stopping at the mall to shop at Caldor.  I remember trips to the toy department, checking out the latest video games and audio cassettes and eventually CDs.   

So, Glens Falls -- what do you remember the most about Caldor?   Watch the video and comment.


Still image from BrightSunFilms YT video

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