The Doors classic record L.A. Woman...

53 years ago this week back in 1971...The Doors album L.A. Woman entered The Billboard Albums Chart. It was the sixth studio album from The Doors and the final record that they recorded with Jim Morrison before his untimely death in July, 1971. It was also the first Doors album that wasn't produced by their long time producer Paul Rothchild who quit because he disagreed with the musical direction of the band at that point. In contrast to their previous albums...This record shifted the band to more of a blues/rock approach and it worked very well them at the time. In fact...the record made it all the way up to #9 on The Billboard Albums Chart in 1971. It also spawned two successful hit singles at the time as well....Including "Love Her Madly" and "Riders On The Storm" which was released very shortly before the death of Jim Morrison. In 2012...Rolling Stone Magazine ranked L.A. Woman at #364 on its list of The Top 500 Albums Of All time!

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